Allianz protection

What kind of insurance is it?

Hotel Booking Protection is an insurance that covers risks when staying at a hotel for tourism, study and business purposes and includes the refund of the cancellation fee, the refund for interruption of stay and the refund for late arrival. With Allianz Global Assistance you can buy your insurance online in complete comfort and safety, using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit card.

What can I insure?

You can choose to insure only the deposit or the full amount. Click on the link of interest to formulate a free quote and then proceed to purchase the insurance:

* For the protection of the entire amount, the full amount of the stay must be paid when confirming the booking. The payment of the full amount does not imply any type of additional discount on the final price compared to what is already indicated in the booking detail.

What are the cases in which insurance can be used?

To find out all the cases in which it is possible to take advantage of the insurance as well as all the pre-contractual terms, we invite you to view the details of the coverage and the pre-contractual information set which can be consulted directly on the allianz Internert website at www.aga-affiliate. it/ita/happyvillage1

We remind you that within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation VOUCHER it is possible to insure the deposit paid or the entire stay with Allianz. The policyholder must read the insurance conditions before signing the contract.